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Zeigler Honors English 10 29 October 2018 Technology Addictions In the current time people can not imagine their lives without technology. Technology is a large role of people lives because most people have the new and improved Iphone as soon as they come out. People don’t leave their houses without their phone and when you are at restaurants and look around you see families sitting there at the table with phones in all of the hands, and they are not actually having conversations. Surrounding everyone are various technologies that are helping people to live their life with more luxury. Technology changes and develops many people especially in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

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Guy Montag, the main character of the story, is a firefighter that lives in a dystopian society where firefighters burn houses that have books in them because books are illegal. Montag meets two special people at the beginning of the story and they change his point of view about books. Technology unfolds all throughout the story. Ray Bradbury teaches the readers that technology can cause addictions and often destroys who a person truly is.

In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury shows how technology has a large impact on characters like Mildred and many others. Montag’s wife, Mildred, does not partake in any conversations that Montag wants to have with her. The TV parlours are used as an illustration about how people can isolate themselves because the addiction to technology is so strong. Bradbury shows addiction to technology through Mildred because she spends everyday watching her “family” on the television wall.

Bradbury shows how Mildred is getting defensive and upset when Montag says, “Will you turn the parlour off?” Mildred replies by saying, “That’s my family” (Bradbury 46). Mildred when is upset with Montag because he asks her to turn off the television so they can have a real face to face conversation. “Family” in fahrenheit 451 is the idea of what a perfect family looks like, but family in the real world is nothing compared to what MIldred watches on tv.

The characters struggle with mental instability and depression due to technology . Some of the characters in the story attempt to kill themselves because they are unhappy with their lives. Clarisse is Montag’s neighbor and she is a young teenager that is very different from everyone else, because she was raised to have her own thoughts and opinions and to be open-minded to things. She is not like anyone else in the story, because she helps Montag have a different point of view of things and she helps represent individuality. Clarisse is not afraid to speak her mind and understands what is going on in the government when no one else in the story does understand.

Bradbury shows this when Clarisse says, “They kill each other…Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them died in car wrecks.

..My uncle says his grandfather remembered when children didn’t kill each other”(Bradbury 27). The way that the people are acting is showing how they are truly struggling mentally.

They are killing each other and themselves, but it does not phase them at all. The world is filled with violence and people are use to being unhappy. At the end of the story, Montag starts to realize that fire is not just destructive. Fire is being used for warmth. Bradbury shows this when he says, The fire was gone, then back again, like a winking eye. He stopped, afraid he might blow the fire out with a single breath. But the fire was there and he approached warily, from a long way off.

It took the better part of fifteen minutes before he drew very close indeed to it, and then he stood looking at it from cover. That small motion, the white and red colour, a strange fire because it meant a different thing to him. It was not burning; it was warming ( Bradbury 139)In a small fire that is made for warmth, Montag is seeing what he is missing.

He loves to burn, but now Montag is seeing everything from a different point of view. He is now seeing everything that he has been missing since the start. In this little world surrounded by a belief in killing off knowledge and facts, Montag, one of the killers, begins to realize that burning is not the solution but the problem. Montag sees the flames in a very different way than how he used to see them.

Before, burning down houses was just a job, but now he feels free, and sees what the fire represents to him. Montag is finally able to think and have emotions, which is seen in this quotation. Ray Bradbury shows throughout the story how technology causes addiction and often destroys who person truly is. Mildred and many of the other characters give many examples of how technology changes lives for the bad.

Bradbury wrote this story in future tense because he sees the future being full of technology and technology taking over. Imagine being in a society like Montag is in.


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