Democracy people hold the power either directly

Democracy means the “government in which the people hold the power either directly or through elected representatives”. It means that people are allowed to choose their representatives for running the government. These elected members make laws and run government according to the wishes of their people whereas dictatorship is a “state ruled by a dictator, absolute power or authority.

” In such a system an individual may assume all the decision making of the state. Its examples are Kingship and Military rules A democratic system is so disciplined with certain checks and balances that there are few chances of corruption. There is a ruling and an opposition party.

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It makes the affairs of the state competitive. This competition and the fear of exposition of the follies of ruling party keep things working in a fair manner for the state. However, if the politicians are corrupt and they hijack the democratic system by rigging and propaganda e.g.

in third world countries, then this system is used merely for further degenerating and polluting the already deteriorating state of affairs of the country.


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