D.I.S.S.12 in technologies, businesses, and even in the

D.I.S.S.12 HUMSS–7 Sir Shane Laong”Bisexual” as one of the booming sexual identity in 21st century.

As the world progresses, our knowledge in technologies, businesses, and even in the sexual orientation are also progressing throughout the entire time. One of them is the Bisexual identity. It is one of the components in the LGBTQ+ community. It means that they are the people who are experiencing both sexual and emotional attractions to different kind of people.

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(Tracy, 2013)History The Bisexual term is known for a long year. History of the bisexual is not common but it has a good explanation why bisexual is known in the modern day. The whole world know what the Bisexual identity means.Being bisexual is known in Ancient Greeks up to now (Thorpe, 2018).

This means that being bisexual is not a modern culture but a history. Bisexual is known in Ancient Greeks, Japanese or Ancient Japan, Native American, and the Modern Time.Being bisexual is a culture (Thorpe, 2018).

In Ancient Japan, they consider being bisexual because of their Samurai, older males train young boys and later on they developed an attraction to each other. And with this, this is common to the Japanese.There are several theories and studies about bisexuality (Thorpe, 2018). This means that before the world accept the bisexuals it undergoes discard of the society. Like Thomas Jefferson, he said that bisexuals are close to sodomy and classified as mental disorder. Economics Because of their identities, bisexual people have problems in getting work, health care, and etc.

They are being discriminated in work because of their sexual identities.Bisexuals have the high rates in being ignored (Bisexuality Report, 2013). This means that bisexuals are ghost when it comes to economic state. All the works, health cares, and funds for them are being ignored because some called them immoral or invalid.

More bisexual people are living below the poverty line (Tough health and stuggles, 2018). Almost, 43% of the population of bisexuals lives below poverty line because these people relies more on public benefits, like health cares, and they are being discriminated in work. Bisexuals are being fired in their works (Sexual Orientation and Human Rights). This is the most affected in their economic rights, lots of bisexuals are being fired because of their identities.Sociology As the bisexuals are known in the whole world.

And they are being discriminated. The results these, people are finding communities, organizations, or groups that they need and understand them. They are being the shoulders to cry on, the friends they need, and etc.Bisexual celebrates a special day (International Celebrate Bisexuality Day). This means that bisexuals are free from coming out no matter what. Bisexuals are visible to the people and not ignored.

All bisexual are allowed to join even the straight peoples’ support because it’s for the people to understand the bisexuals and to interact with them. Also, to celebrate that being bisexual nowadays, that it is culture, norms, and etc.Bisexuals feel different after they come out to their families and friends (Author, 2013).

This means that sharing their identities to others (the bisexual people) is difficult for them. And when they do, it has a big impact to the bisexuals, their relationship to their families and friends, and even the peoples’ interaction towards them affect a lot to them.Bisexuals have organizations for them to be accepted by the society (Lumen Learning). This means that being discriminated by the society makes a way for the bisexuals to have organization to interact as one (all of the bisexuals) to fight for what they deserve and right.Psychology Being bisexual is not a choice, it comes and then it goes because some people are bisexuals but prefer males. Bisexuals have different behaviours and attitudes in sexual attraction and in everything.Some of the Bisexuals are lack of proper behaviours (The messy reality of bisexuality).

This means that some of bisexuals defined themselves as to find what they want (sexual interaction) and be satisfied with it. With that, some called being bisexual is a mental disorder because of wrong accusations.Sexual Behaviours of bisexuals are severe (Lehmiller, 2013).

This means that behaviours of some of the bisexuals are not good in the mental health. In short, some of the bisexuals are using their identity as a bisexuals to excuse that they have many sexual health needs or etc.Bisexuals have difficulties in accessing different health care (Oliveira et al., 2018). Due to a lot of discrimination, this means that bisexuals attitude are being ignored and not giving any attention and result to depression and embarrassment because they will be judged by many.Demography Bisexual was known of many, will know by many, and will be knowing by the in coming generations.

The population of the people who called themselves as bisexuals will increase esp. to the youth.Bisexuals have the 1.8% of all population of LGBT (How many Bisexuals in the world, 2013).

This means that the population of bisexuals are already booming. With this, more people are considering themselves as a bisexual in the whole world.Different ages of coming-out as a bisexual (Friedrichs, 2017).

This means that every bisexual had to prepare themselves to come-out. Prepare in such a way that they are ready to be criticized and such. With this, bisexual choose to come-out as a bisexual between 17 yrs. Old–37 yrs. Old of age.More countries are legalizing Bisexuals and the LGBT community resulting to migration (Saner, 2013). With this, more countries are accepting LGBTQ+ identities and the people esp.

the bisexuals are migrating to these countries just to feel accepted and not to be ignored. And also for the bisexuals to have equality.References:Tracy, N.

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