Crash I’m going to discuss how these two

Crash by Paul Haggis is a movie that portrays the lives of various individuals, all of them representing different ethnic groups and social backgrounds.

All of them have life changing experiences, often being triggered by prejudice and stereotyping. I’m going to discuss how these two social issues are reflected in the movie. Stereotyping is known as fixed impressions, exaggerated or preconceived ideas about particular social groups, usually based solely on physical appearance (The New York Company). In Crash there are several examples when stereotyping is used.

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One of the first examples in the movie is when Jean Cabot is getting her locks changed. Jean Cabot has not a problem talking Daniel Ruiz even though he is in the room next to her. Ruiz is a locksmith and he is really easy to categorise by one glance at him. Jean Cabot has no problem talking shit about him.

“I would like the locks changed again in the morning. And you might mention that we’d appreciate it if next time they didn’t send a gang member. … Yes, the guy with the shaved head, the pants around his ass, the prison tattoo.”. Jean Cabot talks about him like he dosent hear him.

But he is in the room next door.


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