Communication movies as a means of entertainment. Movies

Communication is of utmost importance in today’s scenario.

As the most intelligent animal on the planet, different communication processes have been derived by humans to express and understand each other. In earlier times, it used to be through sharing of information and ideas head-to-head. Communication, now a days has evolved with the help of media to improve understanding of concepts and messages delivered through virtual means. Visual interpretation includes handouts, images, video excerpts, movies, etc.

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This essay will depict that movies and images are really a great way of communication with thorough justification of reasons.Cinema connects our subconsciousness, reflects our values, styles and life. Millions of people around the globe perceive movies as a means of entertainment. Movies are today used as a great tool of mass communication. They strongly affect people’s perception to see the worldly matters. Based on the concept; the audience looks forward to a story that will excite, amuse, scare, motivate them or give knowledge about that topic. Different genres such as comedy, horror, drama, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

provide the audience a good time, also making them think about the concepts portrayed on screen.Moreover, different shots that are organized in movies using varied editing processes fascinate the audience and arouse the curiosity to see further, hence capturing the attention of viewers and keeping them hooked throughout the show .The 2009 Indian movie – 3idiots is a comedy-drama, bears a strong message. It follows the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and sarcastically depicts that today’s education system focuses more on bookish knowledge, thus, tending the students to end up being parrots. The movie is a satire, which uses humor to bring out the fact that knowledge is necessary rather than cramming for a better tomorrow.

The movie was developed in such a way that it shows two parallel worlds: present and 10 years back efficiently using editing to make the screen play more effective. Thus innately providing a message and spreading awareness among masses. Filmmakers to catch the attention of the viewers use different tactics. Movies are shot from varied focus of camera and at different angles, which stimulates the mind of viewer to a different reality of what is happening on screen. Films enhance the art of storytelling by portraying the emotions, helping to break prejudices, explore the values and social issues of the past. People feel the perspective shown in the picture and relate it to their realities, their ideologies which induces change. The delivery of social messages is more effective unlike in other means where messages are delivered through monotone speeches or articles as this platform is more influential.

Movies use the art of storytelling to spread social awareness. In India where females are considered inferior to males, where speaking of menstrual hygiene was considered dishonorable, movies named Toilet and Padman were launched speeding awareness on the issue and breaking stereotypes and sexism, which was later followed by a nationwide awareness movement. Hence successfully bringing the unspeakable issue to light.Movies improve understanding ability of viewers, has deep impact on them contributing to the large screen size and the fine picture presented to them by the combination of sound, color motion and vision.

They cut across the barriers of literacy and languages. They allow viewers to witness certain situations, imagine themselves at that place, providing them knowledge about the issues they are unaware of. There are numerous examples in which body shaming and personality of people are affected such the children watching about the struggles of body shaming or the people struggling with racism. Hence, they help the people to understand the situations others have faced making them more aware of struggles they have to face in future or also show them the current scenario going on in different parts of societies or maybe, countries. Actors beautifully present those emotions in front of us which seems real.

Since visual interpretation of emotions is done, the audience feels a connection with the actors triggering the audience to delve deeper in the emotions, therefore, relating more and more. Interracial marriages historically had been illegal in most of the states of the United States till 1965’s. With the making of the film – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner things eventually changed with time. This film was one of the films that depicted a issue of interracial message and brought a positive aspect to light, as interracial marriage historically had been illegal in most states of the United States.

This movie helped to change the perception of whites who were against interracial marriages. The 1994 movie Trevor shows the struggles of a teen who upon hitting puberty gets to know that he is homosexual and faces prejudices for the same, and was further followed by Trevor project, which provided resources to LGBTQ society. Movies also help in understanding of history and the events, which lead to drastic changes in the past.

Movies set themes, background and costumes, which set the ambience and atmosphere of the past transferring viewers into that era.  Cinema helps connect one society to other society, one social group to other, one culture to other culture, one religion to other religion one geographical location to other locations. Allowing have a virtual experience of the events such as in the movie The Pianist (2002) depicts the struggles faced by a polish musician during the period of world war 2 in order to survive showing the conditions of people during the period of war. The movie had also to face a lot of critical face and was still nominated and won many awards. Movies use visual description and background sounds to create that atmosphere for viewers whereas the other means of communication are not able to appropriately convey the message through monotonous means.

Cinema acts as a magnet of the country and attracts people through attractive titles, trailers, lightening effects, mixing tactics, etc. They use variety of sounds to build anticipation before climax in horror movies giving the viewer an all round experience rather than delivering information in descriptive way keeping the audience interested in screenplay of the movies hence outgrowing other means of entertainment and knowledge.Movies are not limited to specific society or a group of people. They represent a lot of a country, its thoughts, ethics and values. They highlight diversity, cuisines, different forms of art, cultures, historical beliefs, monuments and focus on certain aspects of human life, their thought processes, their ideologies about life, about how they treat fellow human beings.

Movies also help to gain knowledge about weather conditions at different places and the kind of lifestyle to be adopted for survival. Movie genres such as biographies and documentaries enrich human knowledge conveying a deeper meaning to mundane aspects of life. The movie Human (2015) is a documentary of French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It is exclusively made of aerial images and first person stories and raises question on what makes us human drawing a direct context to emotions . The movie displays footages from 60 different countries in native languages. Hence, while providing the knowledge about the intensity of emotions and problems of different people in world living at different places.

Using a plain black background so that the limelight is given to the storyteller the movie uses background music to make the stories more interactive while telling real stories. Communicating the unified language of humanity through gestures and expressions makes it more connective. Movies also influence the lifestyle, culture and language of people. For instance, the movie Supersize Me is an American documentary which explores the fast food industry’s corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit. It puts great impact on the minds of youth showing the harmful effects of junk food and influencing people to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle.

By watching movies in different accents, people tend to develop keen interest in learning new languages and it also improves our lexical knowledge. We perceive words and its meaning through dialogues and show realistic scenarios hence improving our brain’s capacity to think and predict. Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful tells us an optimistic story that even with all the pains and odds of life, it is still very beautiful and we should courageously accept what life throws at us and heartily be present at every moment and live life to the fullest.To conclude, movies are a great way of communication in modern world as it delivers messages and ideas to masses subconsciously and in an effective manner. They not only challenge our imagination but also take us beyond the realms of society.

Movies can also be said to be the tue mirrors of a country’s society. They help in promoting unity, patriotism, mutual coexistence and harmony among nations. The tools used in making of a movie set the atmosphere making it more realistic and offering a connection to audience, which remains with them after the show. It ends up playing a major part in influencing certain decisions in their life. Hence, providing humans a better understanding of society around the world.


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