Cognitive disorders are a category of in

Cognitive disorders are a category of in the psychiatric classification, this disorder generally affect cognitive abilities this includes learning, memory, and problem solving. Cognitive disorders also include delirium and dementia. Personality disorders is another main category, this is when an individual behaves differently to the average person. An individual with a personality disorder usually has confused ways of thinking and problems controlling their emotions. They may have unstable relationships and constantly worry about people abandoning them.

Mood disorders is an umbrella for a group of illnesses. Mood disorders are when individuals have a serious change in mood. Illnesses in the mood disorder group could include: major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder Eating disorders is another main category and of a mental illness. This could be where an individual may eat either too much or too little food.

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They may become obsessed with food and eating. Anyone can develop an eating disorder and this could happen at any age. Over 700,000 people suffer from an eating disorder. Anxiety is when an individual is constantly feeling uneasy in situations.

Everyone suffers from anxiety at some point this could be for a wide range of reasons– for example, you may have felt anxious about sitting an exam, or going for a job interview. These examples are perfectly normal although some people find it hard to control their anxiety during day to day activities.


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