Children who grow up in urban neighborhoods may

Children who grow up in urban neighborhoods may have higher rates of asthma, according to a 2010 study of more than 500 urban families. One possible explanation for the higher risk of asthma in city kids the researchers gave was that many are exposed to more stress, indoor pollutants, microbes, and allergens, all of which affect how the immune system develops, the researchers said. (However, other studies suggest the condition may simply be more commonly diagnosed and treated in cities.)You always can count on your neighbors being a part of your family. Whether you need an ingredient to finish off that cake you are making, or even just a friend to talk with while enjoying the beautiful weather, you can always know that the people living next door to you will be right there to answer that need. Nothing beats the sense of community you get when growing up in a small town.

That being said you don’t need to be suspicious when people are kind to you. You feel as though you are part of genuine community, not just another number in the crowd. Growing up in a small town, I have first hand experience with the sense of community and nothing compares to the feeling. The small town life has so much to offer, and belonging to a genuine crowd of people may be the best thing to come out of living in one.

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