Children the entire possessions & riches of

Children are the greatest gift by God. Even the entire possessions & riches of the world cannot make you happy than beautiful smile of your child.Each one of us endeavors to give the best education and values to our children so that they grow up successful in life.Education begins from home and parents play the most significant role in inculcating the values in children from very early age.

Education as a whole comprises of material, spiritual and value education.The ancient vedic scripture called Srimad Bhagavatam, gives broader guidelines that a human being should consider to cultivate the highest values. These guidelines are the 4 pillars of dharma or righteousness:1. Mercy 2. Austerity 3.

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Purity 4. TruthfulnessAs per scriptures, a person qualifies as human being only if he strictly follows these 4 principles, otherwise he is considered an animal. Ref.

Hitopdesa verse ‘dharmena hina pasubhih samanah’ i.e. one who is ignorant of dharma, righteousness is no less than a pasu, animal. Srimad Bhagavatam calls such persons, who are devoid of dharma, as ‘dvipada-pasu’, two-legged animals.Question arises: How do we inculcate these values / principles in our children?The answer is straight forward and simple: ‘By strictly following the principles and setting example for children to follow’I would conclude this post with below points to ponder upon.a) How much conscious are we about the values of life?b) What efforts have we put in so far to learn about the values from authentic sources?c) Are we absolutely practicing the values / principles in all our dealings everyday without fail?The above points would help us introspect and learn about the values in essence as recommended by the authorized sources and lead life per principles of highest order.


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