CHAPTER Computing, Communication & Automation (ICCCA) (pp.

CHAPTER 5CONCLUSION5.1ConclusionIn this project, Anti fog camera is designed. It explains the basic structure and system design for raspberry pi based anti fog camera system.

The system is very helpful for reduction in accident. In this system user can do drive safely in fog weather. Using this system we can provide human safety and reduced the accidents ratio.

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It makes the relation between weather (fog) and driver more reliable.References1 Federal Highway Administration. (2017, February 1). Low Visibility.

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8376842, 11 jun 2018.Future WorkIn his project we have made a proto type. This project has required much improvement. The equipment we are using has not much efficient.

We have a need of efficient equipments.Achieved till nowLow PowerData sending and receiving EfficiencyLive MonitoringLong battery backupFuture needsEfficient sensor RequiredRemotely control systemVnc serverEfficient equipmentsSensorsTemperatureInfrared sensor


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