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centercenter95000950004550035363152500251460Presented To: Madam Sadaf Iftkhar3700030000Presented To: Madam Sadaf Iftkhar4400034194752500251460400007000012700006468745004550035363155522010 Roll No. F2018321102360000 Roll No. F2018321102455003536315350003520440The Most Embarrassing Day of My LifeNarration: Taufeeq Ahmed360000The Most Embarrassing Day of My LifeNarration: Taufeeq Ahmed Here is a one of the most embarrassing things in my life that has ever happened to me.The last embarrassing story I am going to share is one that happened here at Pak Turk School in Karachi.

A few friends and I were sitting on the grass, chatting about our lives while we watched dogs chase tennis balls and people make their way to class. It was a classic school scene. Then, every dog-lover’s dream comes true: a puppy came up and stood beside me. Elated by my luck, I started to pet the puppy that had chosen me to befriend. Mid-stroke, I felt a warm liquid running down my back and realized that I was being peed on in public by a stranger’s dog that I had just been overtly ecstatic about petting.

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By the time I moved away, the back of my shirt was soaking wet and there was nothing that could be done except for me to accept the fact that I was soaking in urine and 20 minutes away from my off-campus apartment.  The owner of the dog was horrified, and offered me her crewneck to change into. All I could do was laugh in disbelief at what had just happened and kindly accept the clean article of clothing he handed me. My friends and I ran to the nearest bathroom where they helped me wipe the urine off my back after I bundled up the peed-on shirt and threw it into the trash.

All of us were trying to contain our laughter. Of course something like this would happen to me. But hey, I got a free sweatshirt out of this whole ordeal so I like to think that I came out on top.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid embarrassing moments in life, as I am reminded time and time again, but you always have a say in the way you choose to react to those moments. I always try to find the humor and embrace the embarrassment I encounter in life, and would wholeheartedly advise others to do the same. 


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