Case body• Conclusion and recomendationsExecutive summaryThe report

Case study on sustainabilityOutline• Executive summary• Introduction• Report body• Conclusion and recomendationsExecutive summaryThe report will analyze how sustainability plays a vital role in companies life.

Today it is a necessity for development and it is a manager of the environmentIntroductionsustainabilitySustainability is an important part of companies life.In general terms, sustainability refers to the ability to maintaining at a certain rate.It has been always shipped as a narrow approach, as for how biological system remains diverse and productive. But coming to the modern times its concept is becoming wider.

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Today it is a necessity for both human race and our planet to survive through the development of the sustainable models.What is Sustainability to Companies?According to some of them,, sustainability is a management of environmental problems like greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and water conservation and so on. While others believe it as management of governance issues like maintaining ethical practices, meet accepted industry standards and much more.Most engage in for immediate financial reasons such as improving operational efficiency. While for others it is a means of managing corporate reputation and brands.Companies whose sustainability a top priority are likelier to pursue their business goals than building their reputation.Canon was established in 1978 as a wholly-owned lesser of the US$45 billion.

Canon Australia is headquartered in North Ryde, Sydney, and employs more than 1000 people all over Australia.Canon trusts that companies should take the responsibility for the environmental issues of their business activities Canon believe that co-operation and competition is key to the company’s rise to become one of the world’s most respected, innovative and successful manufacturers of technologyCSC Australia is another company who joined the Sustainability Advantage Program in February 2009.In starting of 2009, CSC decided to removed waste bins from each bay of four workstations to reduce the number of plastic bin liners sent to landfill. The firm encouraged staff to scrutinize what items they were recycling and disposing of general waste.After starting this program they get a huge success and they found that they reduced the number of bin liners used at its Sydney head office alone by 68,000 in the first 12 months. From this program, they convert the waste into electricity by biogas processCSC also recognized a team for its Sydney head office.

The team’s initiatives – removing bulbs and ballasts from vending machines, and adjusting computer room temperatures – will save about 10 tonnes of CO2 each year.Energy efficient timer switches in bathrooms.CSC pursues continual improvement in resource efficiency in its IT facilities.

Today, all CSC’s offices and data centres are ISO14001 certified and integrated into the company’s environmental management system.’This investment in processes and procedures is critical to maintaining increased power efficiency in our data centres,’ says Scallon. ‘The data centres consume vast amounts of electricity. Balancing the growth in computing power with the increased demand for electricity is a major concern for our industry.’CSC also plans to work with major clients in Australia to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

CSC recently piloted a web-based application from SAP that helps companies measure, monitor and report their environmental performance across all operations and product supply chains. CSC has developed a closer relationship with SAP on its sustainability solutions, which allows CSC to offer new expertise to clients.’We are moving from a purely internal sustainability program to an external program through our supply chain questionnaire and our SAP offering for clients,’ says Scallon. ‘We want to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices.

It is important to us that our employees are proud that they work for a responsible company.’Report body According to Canon companies should take the responsibility for the environmental impacts of their business actions. The company strives to enhance its brand value through community involvement, employee meeting, sustainability and respect for the environment.

Canon connect with the sustainability benefit program in 2009 • It reduced the carbon emissions in Oceania by 18 percent• It reduced the waste to landfill by 13 percent• It reduced electricity bill by 10 %• Canon focus is to reduce environmental burdens in all stages of the product lifecycle.• Canon’s global Environmental Management Syst focuses mainly on three fundamental strategies: o Resource Conservationo Energy Conservationo Elimination of Hazardous SubstancesCanon’s Environmental Initiatives includes• Generation clean• Clean earth crew• Home and small office recycling1. Generation clean- Generation Green is a plan to deliver business partners, clients, and customers a way to identify and learn about the various environmentally mindful products and reactions Canon offers. These include energy productivity and paper-saving features, reprocessing options, elimination of hazardous substances, and innovative product design-2. Clean earth crew – Canon Solutions America is pleased to contribute in Canon U.S.A.

‘s Clean Earth Crew program in multiple locations across the U.S., where the staff members decided to come together to clean parks and beaches.

3. Home and small office recycling-In this environmental initiatives they decided to To contribute to the goal of zero landfill waste, Canon has introduced a collection and recycling program for Genuine Canon Inkjet Printer Cartridges. Additionally, through the Consumer Products Recycling Program, Canon helps customers in the United States recycle Canon consumer products and certain small office/home office products.Talking about CSC, the energy reduced by CSC 13 Percent and attained zero waste to landfill for disposal of company electronic waste products.It has achieved 14.3 percent global greenhouse gas reduction and have scored 100 Percent on the Disability Equality Index and has been ranked 13 in Best Corporate Citizens for 2016 by CR Magazine.

CSC and its clients are investing in and applying next-generation cloud services and solutions that are helping to reduce energy consumption. The company’s smart grid and smart meter solutions make energy distribution systems increasingly reliable and sustainable by gathering and applying business intelligence with automated tools. Our telepresence services harness immersive video conferencing for ‘face-to-face’ meetings worldwide, reducing fossil-fuel use and travel costs.CSC leads clients on their digital transformation journeys. The company provides innovative next-generation technology services and solutions that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community.

CSC serves leading commercial and international public sector organizations throughout the world. CSC is a Fortune 500 company and ranked among the best corporate citizens.Both of these organization are working on environment conservation and making working environment more secure and safe for the employees.


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