Case Alabama require pertaining to parental consent for

Case 1:1.

What does the state of Alabama require pertaining to parental consent for abortion, how would this influence the interventions you would make in this case? In Alabama, if you are under 18 years old and want an abortion, one parent must give permission before you can get one. This is called “parental consent.” If that’s not possible or you don’t want to share this decision with a parent, you are able to ask a judge for permission. This is called “judicial bypass.” 2.

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What does your Ethics code mention pertaining to Marion’s case. Is there a conflict between the ethical codes and the law? How would you deal with her suicidal threat? I would validate her feelings and emphasize the fact that speaking with me is a positive thing. I may consider the predominate concern for her and how I might be able to help her decision making or contact the local mental health crisis team if the client appears to be at high-risk. 3. Knowing what Marion told you about her parents’ values, would you have involved them in the case? Why or Why not? Explain.

. I would have them involve but I would speak to each family member separately to make sure no one is influence by the other person response.4. Would you use Marion’s threat of suicide to influence her parents, or would you ignore this threat? Explain Yes.

I feel like they need to hear her and out and see how being pregnant is weighing her down and she’s basically still a child herself.5. What other options would you consider. She could let a family member raise the child, temporary foster care, or even consider adoptionCase 2:1. What are the ethical and legal implications of the therapist’s practice? Explain your position. (Based the legal aspects on Alabama state laws).

Psychologists include in written and oral reports and consultations, only information germane to the purpose for which the communication is made. HIPAA permits sharing protected health information with other health care professionals who are engaged in the evaluation and treatment of the same patient.2. If you had been in Kiara’s situation, what could you have done? If I was in this situation I feel like I would’ve had a consent from day one just to prevent situation like this from occurring3. Would you have contacted this client after he canceled? Why or why not? To make sure he’s not harming himself and to see if he’s getting proper treatment.

What are your thoughts about Kiara not doing that? Kiara should’ve tried harder with being in touch with him, she could’ve easily referred him to someone else.Case 3:1. What do you think of Maxim’s attitude on record keeping? As him being a professional is attitude is unacceptable. Do you consider it unethical? Yes. Why or Why not? Accurate record keeping is an important aspect of being professional and accountable for the services counsellors provide to clients. Records assist in making referrals to other services and reporting risk to the client other parties.

Appropriate records can also help protect both the client and the psychologist in the event of legal or ethical proceedings.2. Taking into consideration the kind of clientele Maxim sees, is his behavior justified? No. If you disagree, what criteria would you use in determining what material should be recorded?3. What if a legal issue arises during or after Lucia’s treatment? How would documenting each session help or not help both the client and the counselor? In the event of a con?ict between these guidelines and any state or federal law or regulation, the law or regulation in question supersedes these guidelines. It is anticipated that psychologists will use their education, skills, and training to identify the relevant issues and attempt to resolve con?icts in a way that conforms to both law and ethical practice.

Although there may be advantages to keeping minimal records.4. Assuming that some of Maxim’s will move to other locales and see new therapists, does the absence of notes to be transferred to the new therapist have ethical or clinical implications? Records assist in making referrals to other services and reporting risk to the factors as improved opportunities for the treatment provider to identify trends or patterns in the therapeutic interaction, enhanced capacity to reconstruct the details of treatment for l purposes, and more effective opportunities to use supervision and consultation.5.

If keeping notes were not mandated, would you still keep notes? Yes. Why or why not? For a variety of reasons, clients may express a wish that limited records of treatment be maintained. In some situations, the client may require limited record keeping as a condition of treatment.References:Corey, G.

, & Callanan, P. (n.d.). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions with 2014 ACA Codes (MindTap Course List) eBook: Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey, Cindy Corey, Patrick Callanan: Kindle Store.

Retrieved from, G. P.

(2003). Ethical and legal issues in professional practice transitions. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 34, 383– 387.


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