Can reason why most of the people today

Can you imagine that in our society, there are those people who can tell and speak positively about dying, suiciding and romanticizing about death? Are you up and aware about people in our society who have been engaged from depression and committed from suicide?Depression became very enormous issue on today’s society. Many young Filipino people committed suicides because of this kind of picture. Depression is a mental disorder in which characterized by having consistent low mood and a feeling of sadness, worthlessness and loss of interest. Depression is a sign of mental weakness that is brought by traumatic life events or situations; the reason why most of the people today are particularly exposed to depression.

According to The World Health Organization (WHO) it has been estimated that in the Philippines there are 3,298,652 people who are living with depression. The Department of Health’s mental health crisis hotline, Hopeline lists depression as its number one reason for the call. For 2016, Hopeline listed 605 out of 3,479 calls received to be about depression. Meanwhile, teens that have been into depression can also experience poor school performance, ruin relationships to families and friends and also they may also have an abuse to their physical health. Depression has many signs and symptoms that people are suffering. Best example of signs and symptoms that a person is already engage in depression is that, a person is often experiencing sorrow or sadness, loss of motivation in life, feeling alone, thinking about death, dying and suicidal act. This feeling may be very simple but this is where depression really starts.

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Another thing is that you may start losing your interest in everything that excites you before. Depression now in our society has become one of the most social issues that we’re talking to. Among people cannot imagine that in just a very moment, there are lives that have been wasted caused by suicidal act of people who are suffering from this kind of mental weakness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 7.6 percent of people over the age of 12 have suffered from depression in any 2-week period. This is substantial and shows the scale of the issue.

Up to now, it has been obvious that the number of people who engaged from this became larger and larger. Depression is a complex problem. And fighting it requires a clear view of its causes.

Let us not just turn our backs browsing on social media accounts without doing nothing, or helping and encouraging people who are in that kind of situation. We must be aware about the people around us. People should know how to approach and be in touch of someone who needs motivation and encouragement to renew their minds before anything lasts. Engaging to person whom has in a difficult time can go a long way, and giving a simple positive comments can be a big help for them to get their selves out of that situation. A simple care can also be effective for them, especially when you listen to things they really want to speak out. Encouraging one another with positive mind can definitely change life and could avoid them from falling into a deep kind of conflict they already had.


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