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Ça?lar KöseAsst.

Prof. Dr. Emine ?entürkIDE 354 British Novel II5 May 2018Importance of Existentialism in Hasan Ali Topta?’s Bin Hüzünlü HazBin Hüzünlü Haz is an example of postmodern literature written by Hasan Ali Topta?. It is one of the best examples for Postmodernism in Turkish literature.

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Hasan Ali Topta? is one of the writers who have made significant contributions to postmodern novel in turkey since 1990s. particularly in the transition from modern literature to postmodern literature he has taken his place as a cornerstone of this period with successful examples of this transition in novels and his reformist attitude. Bin Hüzünlü Haz reflects Topta?’s sense of postmodern novels and it comes first among the writings that best fit postmodern narration.

In this essay I want to address the importance of Existentialism in Bin Hüzünlü Haz as a focal point of my argument with the use of supportive ideas.The theme of Bin Hüzünlü Haz is the search itself and this is important because while the unnamed narrator searches for someone called Alaaddin which is continued without even knowing what to search for, the unnamed narrator is searching for a meaning for his or her own existence and the reader who contributes to the creation of the text from time to time carries out his or her own search, unknown to the narrative-author, thanks to the empty lines. While searching is not a core concept of Existentialism, search for a meaning is one of them and that is one of the reasons I though Existentialism is an important point when analyzing Bin Hüzünlü Haz.

Absurdity is one of the key elements of Existentialism and Topta?’s Bin Hüzünlü Haz includes some features of absurdity. Bin Hüzünlü Haz has no protagonist and decomposes the subject, the characters seem to be included in the text solely to lead to an intended event which makes the characters in the story absurd because there is no logical plot and the time of the events are uncertain. Those elements are some of the important elements of Absurdity in literature and that makes Bin Hüzünlü Haz include Absurd elements therefore supports the idea of the importance of existentialism in Bin Hüzünlü Haz.Ambiguity is also an important idea of Existentialism and there is some ambiguity in Topta?’s Bin Hüzünlü Haz. The most important ambiguity in the novel is the fact that the main character Alaaddin might not even exist.

Ambiguity can also be seen from the fact that the novel has no definite ending and the writer Hasan Ali Topta? avoids using definite words while he mostly used indefinite words such as “Maybe”, “Might Be” and “For Example”. This ambiguities in the novel and the use of indefinite language makes the novel more complex and uncertain while also makes it contain Existential elements.All in all, the elements Bin Hüzünlü Haz has such as Ambiguity, Absurdity and the Search made me produce the argument that this novel contain Existential elements and those elements are important when it comes to reading and analyzing this book.RESOURCESToptas? Hasan Ali. Bin Hüzünlü Haz. Everest Yay?nlar?, 2016.Yildirim, Asiye Çi?ri.

“Aray?? Hazz?n?n Postmodern Hüznü: Bin Hüzünlü Haz.” Journal of Turkish Studies, vol. 10, no. Volume 10 Issue 12, ser. 12, 2015, pp.

271–294. 12, doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.7818.


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