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By this point children’s vocabulary expand tremendously and will continue to work on their acquired skills, their language skills will enable them to communicate and discuss and find different ways of problem solving, they will develop their own preferences and dislikes, can understand abstract topics better by now, such as death or God.Children are more able to form meaningful friendships, become increasingly aware of what peers think of them and continue to seek independence and learn new life skills in order to become more ‘grown up’, they enjoy responsibility and strive for adults praise and encouragement. 12-16 years PhysicalStrength is one of the most developed areas around this age; girls have finished their puberty and usually have regular periods whereas the boys are only just starting their puberty. In average boys are becoming taller than girls but differ in strength. Communication and intellectualAn idea about favourite subjects and activities and will be clear by now and get motivated by these areas. They will decide on GCSEs and A levels in order to choose a career path and become passionate or interested in following their dream.

Social, emotional and behavioural Self esteem plays a massive role and continuous support and encouragement and guidance from peers and parents is still vital in their confidence. They are still adjusting to this age where a certain expectations need to be met but also display childish behaviour at times.

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