Brandon plays. As the season progressed, the

Brandon KeenerProfessor GiardinaTPS 11071 April 2018The Theme of LoveOriginal practice- this is a type of practice which was inspired and influenced by our understanding of what Shakespeare used during the period Elizabeth in England and the Renaissance period. Usually, during this production, there is the use of the architecture of the space as well as that of the area (Davis). The inspiration of the costumes is mainly associated with the context in which it was made.

The companies that produce the films primarily focus on some characters who rotate in the different seasons and plays. As the season progressed, the different styles take different roles. Adaptation this is where casts adapt styles of some production and change some aspects of them. The films are said to be ‘based on’ other films.

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It also involves the retelling of information from another perspective. For instance, Lodge’s story is based upon “The Tale of Gamelyn”. The idea that Shakespeare involved was that of Orlando carving his lady’s name on trees’ bark. The same was seen in Lodge’s tale.This film introduces the audience to the evolution of mankind. The director identifies the use of monologue in some of the Acts like act II Scene VII.

This stage picture together with the use of arresting imagery creates a central metaphor that defines the lifespan of a person (Shakespeare). The actions are interrupted by the songs which are integrated during curial points. The heightened and stylized movement was aimed at developing the set design which was supposed to be in line with the theme of escaping technology. The negativity that surrounded and tried to enter the natural world was also defined by the director. The director integrated some of the inspirations that defined the theme of the play (Shakespeare). Through the journey of transformation, the author introduces the readers to the fact that love will always prevail; regardless of the situation. There were amazing dances which were sequenced by the choreographers of the film.

Through the ephemeral environment, the audiences are introduced to the space inside the corridors where the film is played The film took advantage of the dystopian community clothing design. This term refers to communities which are undesirable and frightening. Some of the common elements of a dystopian society include the oppressive societal control, and that is influenced by the state or large corporations (Shakespeare). Elizabeth Rasmusson, the costume designer, claims that she based the costume and the makeup on the dystopian societies. The other central theme of the poem was that of greed and power.

It is seen from the world of Duke where greed and powers were the order of the day. The costumes depicted the context of the play. The film involved a number of musical comedy and tunes.

The music and songs are integrated into the action that takes place in the Forest of Arden. Through the music, the director was able to draw on the plot of the film. For instance, while Duke Senior was viewing the advantages that come with country life over that of the court, the director used a song titled Under the Greenwood Tree (Shakespeare).

Also, the director involved the use of another song titled blow, blow, thou winter. The song was used to depict the fact that physical suffering is much better than the inner suffering. It symbolically meant that the suffering that is associated with winter is much better compared to inner suffering brought by men. Through other songs, the theme of love and regeneration of human life is defined. I would choose Rosalind because she dominates most parts of the play. First, she is rich in emotions, thoughtful and full of character (Shakespeare).

No other character in the play can contest with her. I was impressed by the fact that she went against the critiques that the women in the film underwent. She provides a tutorship that is not expected from a woman (Shakespeare, 2004). For instance, she teaches her husband how to be accompanied, attentive lover and mature person. She mainly disregarded the male-dominated society that was mainly concerned with the influence and decision of the men. Through the charter, the other characters have been able to change their deeds and actions. The main character that describes the whole plot is Duke’s senior daughter who was as the heroine and protagonist of the play.

The character was admired because she had good intelligence and quick wit. Also, she has been loyal to her husband as well as family and friends. In my final essay and project, I would steal the use of characterization in influencing a given piece of work.

I have been able to identify the fact that characters are important in determining the flow and theme of a given piece of work. Through the character, I was able to define the role played by characters in defining and exploring social issues.Works CitedDavis, James. “Shakespeare 2 – The Playwright in Context.

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