Brady do so. Was lady Macbeth the one

Brady BaldukasMr. ShermanBritish Literature1 May 2018Who’s responsible for the murders? In the play Macbeth, there are many murders, and a lot of blame to go around.

In this paper the following ideas will be explained. Is Lady Macbeth is the one responsible for all of the murders that occur in the play Macbeth. Explain if any other characters are possibly responsible, or if Macbeth himself is the on who takes all the blame for the murders.

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The first murder to happen in Macbeth is the murder of king Duncan. We can easily say that Macbeth was the one who clearly went to king Duncan’s room and murdered him, but did Macbeth have someone pushing him to do so. Was lady Macbeth the one who actually killed Duncan? At the beginning of scene five Lady Macbeth reads Macbeth’s letter and starts to plan Duncan’s murder. She calls Macbeth a coward for not killing Duncan earlier, and compares him to a cat who can not catch a fish because of its fear of getting wet feet.. Lady Macbeth said that she would have killed Duncan but he looked to much like her father.

Alack, I am afraid they have awaked, and ’tis not done! The attempt, and not the deed, Confounds us. Hark! I laid their daggers ready; He could not miss ’em. Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done’t. (2.2.10-14) After Macbeth does kill Duncan, he is cleaning the blood of his hands and Lady Macbeth tells him it is no big deal.

The whole time Macbeth is washing his hands he is regretting all of it. Lady Macbeth is the one who is most responsible for Duncan’s murder. This my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine. (2.2.

61-63) What this means is that the sea resembles innocence, and the blood is guilt, now he feels a lot of quilt. Although Macbeth was the one did kill Duncan, there were many reasons he did not want to. Macbeth saw Duncan as a good king and respected him. Duncan did nothing wrong to Macbeth. He was related to Duncan. Macbeth was the subject of Duncan. Macbeth did not want people to think that by killing someone you got what you wanted.

Macbeth was hallucinating that he saw a dagger in front of him, the same dagger used to kill Duncan. The dagger brought him to Duncan’s room and prompted him to draw his own dagger. The witches played a minor role in Duncan’s murder. They gave Macbeth a prophecy that he would become king. By doing so, it made Macbeth doing anything to become king, even kill for it. The next murder to happen is the murder of Banquo.

Macbeth can be seen as the murderer, but was there someone or someone’s that actually killed Banquo? Macbeth clearly wanted Banquo dead but he did not want to kill banquo himself. Macbeth wants Banquo dead because the prophecy of Banquo’s son becoming king. So instead of killing Banquo, Macbeth hired three murderers to hunt down Banquo and Fleance kill them both. Work Cited


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