Biosorbent metal ions sorption (e. g Mo)

Biosorbent is a biological origin solid system from bacterial, fungal, plant or animal origin. It has various functional groups such as carboxyl, ether, carbonyl, hydroxyl, and ester groups and more effective alternatives for metal ions sorption (e.

g Mo) from aqueous solution 9-12. Adsorption using a cheap, abundant and environmental-friendly adsorbent obtained from plant such as an olive tree is currently being researched as effective substitutes as is the simplest and most useful method 13, 14. Olive tree (Olea Europea) was one of the first small fruit domesticated trees in the family Oleaceae cultivated by man since more than 5500 years ago.

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Its common name was for about 35 species of evergreen shrubs and trees of the genus Olea in the in the olive family which has various parts (fruit, leaves, oil). Olive trees are found native to the Medial East, Egypt, Palestine, Jordon, Syria, Africa and Asia with many varieties that exhibit major or minor phenotypical and genetic differences 15-17.


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