“Biomechanics is the science of movement in a living body

“Biomechanics is the science of movement in a living body, including how muscles, bones tendons and ligaments work together to produce movements. Sport biomechanics is the science of enhancing a particular technique and to improve performance in a competitive situation as well as guiding athletes and competitors to more productive training”. The purpose of this essay is too look at how biomechanics affect my performance in badminton and how my performance could be improved. I will be presenting this by comparing my performance to a professional and see what is different.

Important and efficient principles in badminton are Balance and stability, Momentum and levers. Balance is the ability to control your state of equilibrium and what impact someone’s balance is centre of gravity, Effective base of support and mass. Balance is defined as, in terms of sport, an even balance of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright. This is most easily recognizable in the foot work of badminton for example in figure one you can see that my balance is poor, this is due to not having the proper position for footwork. By lowering my centre of gravity, I can increase balance when approaching the smash shot, this can be achieved by being in a crouching stance. Conversation of momentum is the principle that the total linear or angular momentum in any isolated system is constant, provided that no external force is applied. The way that conservation can be improved is to increase my rotational speed of the torso and release speed of the shuttle. If I follow this through the transfer of momentum will produce a very high velocity and striking strength.

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In comparison to a professional the effectiveness of my performance could be improved because the correct stance in which a professional uses is to centre your balance before taking the shot. Your body should be more relaxed as tense muscles move more slowly than lose ones, the racket should be held with a relaxed forehand grip. Stand sideways, so that your non-racket foot and shoulder are facing toward the direction you wish to smash. Your non-racket arm should point up toward the shuttlecock, while your racket arm should also be raised with your elbow bent and your wrist uncocked, so your racket is pointing upwards Your weight should be on your back foot.

When going to smash the shuttlecock, take a step forward. The aim is to hit the shuttlecock at the highest point comfortably, your arm and racket should be fully extended at the point of impact. The key principle is to maximise the acceleration of the racket and the momentum of your bodyweight. My performance could be improved because just before I was going to hit the shuttle I wasn’t in the correct stance, as I wasn’t standing side on as seen in figure 1.
Also seen in figure one by body wasn’t relaxed which probably my muscles were moving slower. In figure 2, it can be seen that my arm wasn’t raised with my elbow bent and wrist uncocked, my weight was also not on my back foot. In figure 3, is the proper technique of a professional, which seen in the other figures I am not doing and have room for improvements.

Looking at the technique of my performance compared to a professional, there is much to be improved. The two main things that I need to improve on are balance and stability. The correct technique to achieve balance and stability is to lower my centre of gravity, to have a more stable base of support. When getting in the ready stance to hit the shuttlecock I stood on a slight sideward stance. I had the racket arm facing upward and my weight was partially resting on my back leg, as seen in figure 4. When I was about to hit the shuttlecock, My shoulder and arm were brought forward to meet the shuttle, weight was partially brought forward onto the front foot. Recommendations to improve my performance is to portray a smash shot using a longer lever, extending my arm to a long lever will make the smash shot steeper and faster. Currently I only stretch 50% of my shoulder when I attempt to hit the shuttle when I should be extending my shoulder completely stretched.

I conducted my evaluation on what improvements that could be made in my performance based on balance and stability, momentum and levers. The link between biomechanics and my performance was balance and stability, base of support and how my performance could be improved. My recommendations were to lower my centre of gravity for a more stable base of support.