Being a peacekeeper has been one of the strategy applied to the United Nations military intervention operation for decades.

Canada has a role in the UN emergency force as a peacekeeper. It has been the country’s identity. It came out as a world power in transforming a dying empire to a sovereign nation with focusing on the economy. The Canadians have assisted in the humanitarian efforts. Along with some business leaders, they disapprove the advance of labour movement during the interwar including the anti-communists campaign and stopping of On-to-Ottowa Trek. Canada also played a role in some international affairs and have pursued the diplomatic relations of US to communist countries.

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During the cold war, Canada asserted the international clout that on its way with the reputation that it built during wars. Volunteer soldiers from Canada made a great contribution to the UN forces during the Korean war. One of the major contribution has something to do with international politics with implementing the “peacekeeping”m strategy.


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