Beethoven goes into the trio. There are

Beethoven had many great pieces of Sonata which one pf them is Piano Sonata No.

14 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2: Sonata quasi una fantasia. This piece of music is a composed for a solo piano. This piece has three movements which each play something different.

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The first movement was dreamy and gives more time to the piano than any other instrument, the second movement was lively and very small. It is preparing the audience for the last movement which makes it tempestuous and it is twice as long as the first two movements.Haydn had so many great pieces that he composed. All his pieces had different forms in it. Symphony No. 88 shows a great form of minuet and trio.

This form is used for classical symphonies. We are first able to hear the minute which is repeated at first then it goes into the trio. There are four movements in this piece.


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