Background attract only small audiences in small,

Background of the StudyIndependent or indie films may also be referred to as “alternative cinema.

” It includes short films, documentaries, experimental films, and animations which are made without the capitalization usually found in commercial films. They are low-budget films produced by smaller production houses, and are not funded by the companies mentioned above.Aside from being the source of entertainment films can be used as powerful tool in education in teaching different values. Films are like blank canvasses where one’s ideology may be imparted to the viewers. But this study wants to show the contribution of Filipino independent film to the youth and its way of teaching values to themThe definition of what constitutes an independent film, or indie film, still needs to be clarified, although it usually means a film made outside of the established studio system, also known as the “mainstream” professional circuit, by a little-known director who is working on a shoestring budget. Independent films, often with unconventional plots and characters, usually attract only small audiences in small, so-called art-house theaters, and have little access to prime distribution markets. Generally, the marketing of independent films is characterized by limited release designed to build word-of-mouth or to reach specialty audiences, but can also have major marketing campaigns and a wide release.

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They often contain groundbreaking subject matter designed for sophisticated audiences, and are not necessarily produced with commercial success as the goal. Insdependence assumes a distance from the commercial mainstream that is systematically and industrially maintained. They are sometimes distinguishable by their content and style and the way in which the filmmakers’ personal artistic vision is realized. Independent films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals before distribution (theatrical and/or retail release).Statement of the ProblemThis research aims to study the “Filipino Independent Films: The Effects and the Contribution to Youth in Shaping Proper Values that can apply to their Daily Lives”. More specifically it seeks to find the answers to the following questions:What value can be obtained from independent films, does it help in shaping the youth?What is the contribution of Independent Film to each individual?How Independent Films influence the youths?What are the importance of Independent Films to the youths?Do Independent Films help to determine the truth to young people?What are the effects of watching Independent Films to the youth?Scope and limitation This study aims to investigate on the Effects and Contribution of Filipino Independent Films to the youth in shaping proper values, but not concerned to any films.

This study is exclusively function only in the Media Industry which focused on making Filipino Independent Films.Scope and DelimitationThe study is primarily focused on the Effects and Contribution of Filipino Independent Films to the youth in shaping proper values. This study limits only to the youths of the Quezon City Senior High School and Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School who is knowledgeable about Filipino Independent Films.

Significance of the studyThe result of the study will provide the basis in developing Filipino Independent Film making and help Filipino Independent Film makers to improve their works become well. The proposed study serves the film makers as a references or guide in creating films and have deeper understanding.Importance of the studyThe findings of this study will benefit the film makers or future film makers so that they were able to show more and educate the youths regarding proper values. Aside from showing the reality of the society this study will also help them to uncover and improve stories in their film.


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