Attachment attachment was later developed by Main

Attachment can be described as the bond which is formed between two individuals; connecting them to one another. This bond may involve complex feelings, making it a very emotionally based bond. Attachment can be formed by almost anyone and can be towards any other individual.

However, an attachment bond is not always mutual, meaning that an individual can form an attachment to someone but, the person they have formed that attachment to, may not show the same attachment back. Although attachment is a general term, there are in fact 4 different specific types of attachment. The first three were described by a Psychologist known as Mary Ainsworth and these are: Secure attachment, Ambivalent-insecure attachment and avoidant-insecure attachment. The fourth type of attachment was later developed by Main and Solomon in 1986 after doing some of their own work and studies and it is known as disorganised-insecure attachment.

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