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At the age of 12, Howard got his first job where he sold newspapers and then worked in a local cafe. The little poor boy faced a tough experience when he turned 16.

He had to deal with stretching leather when he was working at a fur store. This tiring job only made Howard stronger and keen his wish to succeed in future. Being a physically strong boy, Schultz excelled at sports and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Northern Michigan University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1975. After his graduation, he started working for a Swedish company where he was sold home appliances, including coffee grinders to businesses like Starbucks. Schultz gathered that this mini company bought his coffee machines way more than other popular stores. Being intrigued by it, he decided to go to Seattle to meet the owners of Starbucks. This shows that he has the leadership traits of drive for high desire and initiative of his goals.

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In 1982, one year after meeting with the founders of the original Starbucks, he took the position of director of retail operations and marketing. It was a rapidly growing coffee business. At that time, they were just selling coffee beans and not coffee drinks. Zev Siegl, one of Starbucks’ co-founders emphasized Schultz’s “fabulous communication skills” as a major strength. Schultz made a promised to his creditors that he will open 125 stores within five years in the United States.

In fact, by 1992 he was able to keep his promise and opened much more stores than he planned. This shows that he has the leadership traits of Honesty and integrity, he built trusting relationship with his followers by being truthful and the word by doing it in action. Furthermore, Schultz is really concerned for the needs of the followers. All employees who at least worked more than 20 hours a week were provided a general medical insurance and he also rewarded the ‘Best Employee Award’ to his followers who contributed to the company. From this stories, we can learn that Schultz’s is really a supportive leader who always concern his employees and also rewarded them by doing a great job. In 1996, Howard Schultz, as the Chairman of the Member Board, CEO, and co-owner of Starbucks, decided to expand his business across the world, not only in the United States.

He opened his first foreign coffee store in Japan, then the stores started to developed in Singapore, Korea, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and even Israel. By April in the 2000s, there were more than 2,400 Starbucks stores in the United States and more than 350 stores opened in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The business that lies overseas were so successful. In that month, the 46-year-old Howard Schultz decided to transfer his works as the Executive Director of Starbucks CEO. He even set a goal to himself that he had to open 1200 new stores by the beginning of 2001. From these stories, we learn that he is an achievement-oriented leader which he set a challenging goal and expects his followers are able to perform well and achieve the goal. According to Astrum People “Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake.

When they are tired of delegating, they surround themselves with loyal assistants. They are afraid to put in leadership positions really smart, successful people.” – Howard Schultz stated


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