ASEAN(Association ASEAN MAJOR PILLARSASEAN community of securityArmed

ASEAN(Association Of South-East Asian Nation):ASEAN was founded on 8th of August 1976 by 10 states of south east Asian countries was purely made on a political and financial collaboration between different countries to make a peace and progress in a region.

Members:Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand including Brunei joined in 1984, Vietnam in 1995, Laos and Myanmar in 1997, and Cambodia in 1999 become 10 countries in ASEAN.ObjectivesProgress of the socio- economic growth and development with in a country and in an Asian region.To improveStability with in the country in all aspectsTo make a peace in Asian regions.The decided to interact with each other country on other fields like education, finance, administrative and agriculture.

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To make as more affective association get on good terms with national and international organizations. ASEAN MAJOR PILLARSASEAN community of securityArmed fight should not be happen between ASEAN countries in result of disputeThere should be corporation on foreign and security policiesASEAN Community of economicsTo build a better economic conditions in a regionFree trade between countries to make economical state for labors etcASEAN Community Socio-CulturalTo make equal social and culture standards(welfare, rights and laws)To build a peaceful and progressive society.ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)Sign by the members of ASEAN in 1992ObjectiveTo cutoff the barriers between the ASEAN countriesTo make a single production base for southeastTo make a southeast regional marketAnd to make it happen they build highways, airway and through ships to make import/export possible between ASEAN countries External Relation ASEAN also make ties with outside countries like China,Japan,South Korea,India,Australia and New Zealand to make more productive result and professionally connection with the other develop and under-developing countries.


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