As that being said, Starbucks was certainly up

As Starbucks expanded into China, some key cultural factors had to be taken into consideration. Cultural factors have a lot to do with culture and value, subculture, and social class as it exercises a huge influence on the decisions that were made in conformity with buyers in China. Starbucks feat within the Chinese market all depended on whether they accepted and followed these elements. It is known fact that China remains a communist country to this very day. With that being said, Starbucks was certainly up for a challenge before it would obtain any of business results. In fact, many believed that this specific being could affect the business instantaneously. This is where networking and making business friends became very important.

When speaking of demographic factors, it was very important for Starbucks to know who its target market would be coming into this. It was imperative for them to be familiar with the certain age group of individuals that would most likely be interested in purchasing coffee. In addition, food was another article taken into consideration alongside who would be drinking coffee.

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