As in a wider global and scientific community.

As secondary English teachers, we can see how essential it is for the Filipino students to become proficient in English language both in written and oral. Aside from being the medium of instruction in the Philippines, learning the English language also provides the Filipino people with all the advantages that champions of English say – it does access to the vast fund of culture expressed in it, mobility in various spheres of the international scene, especially those dominated by the English speaking people, participation in a quality of modern life of which some features may be assimilated by us with great advantage.Knowledge in foreign language such as English will allow us to participate in intellectual discourses during engagement in social, political and economic issues in a wider global and scientific community. As we communicate our thoughts and understand others, we can further develop our potentials and enhance our capacity in learning life skills, as well as cognitive and affective competencies required of us to connect to the world (Luistro, 2011).

To realize English proficiency among the students, they should take some advice under the four (4) learning skills which are reading, listening, speaking and writing. The most important thing that they should bear in mind is that reading and listening are inputs whereas speaking and writing are outputs.Since English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, gaining English proficiency can be an important aspect of education in many fields from business to aviation to science. Another aspect of attaining the goal of English proficiency is speaking or using it regularly.Improving the proficiency in English language is something that somebody could work on the entirety of his/her life.

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The best way to improve the person’s proficiency is to make sure the foundation and understanding in all grammar concepts is more or less secure and then to work on using the language as much as possible. The more proficient someone’s English is the more doors that can open for his/her career and life.


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