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As manager of a team, you should think how to distribute and balance work across the members of your team.

This is an important factor as it needs to be done fairly and equally because this will make your team to operate efficiently. However it important for manager to allocate for team members work where they are good and feel excited to do. To allocate work efficiently to the team members the manager can look at the following: • Ensure for the resources required to complete the activity e.g. PC, printers, machinery, paper etc. • Team members capacity- need understand each person capability, putting too much on one person can failed work allocated • Check the task regularly- progress of the project can be checked at weekly meeting, it helps ensure we are on right track • All tasks will have to be specific and allocated to the best persons- they need to possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the task efficiently.

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• Work priority – identify the task and what needs to be done first • Discuss with team members and try to involve all of them. • Make changes- manager has to make sure everything is working, if not, assign the project to different people until the right person is identified to complete it. Example The manager has informed us at the meeting that he needs to assign a task to some team members as the task involve a high degree of accuracy. The task was to unload high value goods.

Due to the workload and the limited time of 2 hours he has chosen 3 members of our team who have more experienced and knowledge necessary for this task. Each of the three members were assigned a job to complete the task in time as follows: First person – will be responsible to unload all the goods Second person – responsible for checking if they sent the right stock Third person – ensure if quantity shown on driver paper is in accordance with what is checked


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