Apple website is Ticker symbol: APPL

Apple website is Ticker symbol: APPL (Nasdaq). Apple is a well known company that designs and manufactures multiple products for consumers like us. Apple was the first successful that made personal computers that were popular for the average graphical user.

This company is well known to make Itunes, Macintosh, user based, Ipod, and Mac OS X. According to an article on the website Encyclopedia, which was written by Steven Levy, states that Stephen G. Wozniak had a dream to build a computer. In 1975, Wozniak dream became real. The first computer was known as Altair 8800.

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Ths computer came with a kit that was recently invented which was the Microprocessor. Wozniak got together with his former high school friend, Steve Jobs and another friend Ronald Wayne. They started production operation at Job’s garage in Silicon Valley.

Thus start up a company that became a legend in the tech industry which is known as Apple. People want to know why Apple is name Apple. Well, one of the reasons was that the name Apple was similar to the publisher of Beatles which is called Apple Corps. In one of the article of Macworld by Rawlinson Nik, had a section that was dedicated to Wozniak speaking to Bytes magazine. It explain the idea behind the name Apple Inc. Wozniak stated that he was working in a orchard field in Oregon. He thought it could be due to the apples and the fruitarian nature that the word occur to him.

Wozniak and Jobs tried to come up with a name but couldn’t think of any other better name than Apple. Jobs thought it was fun, intimating, and how it starts with A which is the start of the alphabet. He imagine that it will be in front of listings due to having the letter A at the beginning of the word.

Wozniak wants to credit Jobs for this idea. In 2001, the years of making the products failures, Apple released the MAC OS X. This is an operating system. Ipod which was a successful music player was later created due to the pairs of IMAC and MAC OS X. Future products was later created like the best selling Iphones, Macbooks, and Ipads. Apple also creates services, third party digital, software and accessories.Today, Apple Inc.

headquarters is located in Cupertino, California and the current CEO of Apple Inc. is Mr. Timothy D. Cook.

On Yahoo! Finance, Apple Inc. has currently 116,000 full time employees. Other key Corporate Executives are Mr. Luca Maestri (CFO and SR. VP), Mr.

Ron Okamoto (Head of Developer Relations), Mr. Daniel J. Riccio (Sr. VP of Hardware Engineering) and Ms. Angela J. Ahrendts (Sr. VP of Retail).

The Fiscal year in 2017 ended on September 30th and in 2016 the fiscal year ended on September 26. Stock price: 188.58. Apple philosophy was simplification. The key to Apple business strategy was have a center reactive and proactive built to promote the simplicity for their products. This means that they use cues from already existing products and improve further by removing qualities that are unwanted. They put new features to intrude the new functionalities for the experience of the users.

The company doesn’t own any manufacturer nor production facilities like hardware parts. Most were bought in third world parties manufacturers. Apple faces competition with android’s operating systems like Google and one of the biggest international company that makes phones known as Samsung. Meanwhile, Microsoft is a popular computer technology corporation.

It started on April 4th 1975. The company was founded by the former Harvard dropout name Bill Gates and his childhood friend, Paul Allen. Today, Microsoft became one of the biggest software company and the most valuable companies in the world.

In the article who founded Microsoft, it states that Microsoft was founded when Paul Allen read an article about a microcomputer called Altair 8800 in a magazine. Bill gates called MITs to write a new version of the basic programing language for Altair. Thus created Microsoft which Gates named the company Micros-Soft to represent partnership. The first operating system was a released version of Unix called Xenix. Xenix was then later used as a base of the first word processor. Other successful operating systems was Microsoft Disk Operating System.

Later, Microsoft created Windows, Microsoft Office, Xbox, Microsoft Surface and Internet Explorer. Microsoft is located Redmond, Washington. There are 124,000 full time employees in Microsoft Corp.

On Yahoo! Finance, the current CEO and director is Mr. Satya Nadella. Other key executive is Mr. Bradford L.

Smith LCA (Pres., Chief legal officer and Chief Compliance Officer), Mr. William Henry Gates III (Co- Founder, Tech. advisor, Non-Independent Director, Ms. Amy E. Hood (Exec.

VP and CFO, Mr. Jean-Philippe Courtoies (Exec. VP and Pres.

of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and operations). The fiscal year ended on June 30 2017. Stock prices at year is 96.38. Microsoft business strategy is to expand to achieve market success. Microsoft works with different type of manufactures to have windows 10 on many devices like Dell, and HP. Microsoft sells the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book to give it more IT and more purchasing option.

Microsoft have collaborations partnership with Samsung. Microsoft have diverse hardware collections like the OEM to have windows 10 on many devices. Microsoft has been releasing and fixing products with new shipment within weeks. This highlight that how the company had been actively testing new solutions correcting issues. Microsoft is moving to forward with cloud which is the first company with windows, office and Azure.

Facebook and Google have been in social graphs for years to build insight for consumers’ behavior. Most consumer gaming is focus on virtual reality players. Microsoft had spent the most considerable time and the effort to the potential business. Introducing the VR could improve the experience. This help broadens the potential market for the existing gamers. Microsoft has many competitors such as Google, Apple, IBM, SAP and Oracle.


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