Ans and thoughts of important information among individuals.

Ans 2: Introduction:Aim of corporate communication is to make possible the transmission of ideas and thoughts of important information among individuals.

Anyone can share sensible thoughts and ideas with another. The one who shares the information is called a sender and the one who listens is a receiver or the recipient. And hence in this way the flow of information between sender and receiver make communication happen successfully.In short “a process of sending and receiving a message between two parties” is called communication. In fact communication is the process of transferring information and understanding from one or more people to one or more people. In the simplest form, communication means interaction between two parties.Concept of verbal and non-verbal communicationVerbal and non-verbal types of communication leads to interactions with others in business and interpersonal relationships, also personal and commercial success, and our physical and psychological well-being.

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Verbal communicationVerbal communication involved words, spoken, written and signed. Any conversation done with colleague in office during lunch, even the text message send to our family members telling to pick up groceries is also a kind of verbal communication. Not only humans use language, but also use technology that enables us to communicate and interact with one another.Verbal communication is the type of communication where flow of information is through verbal medium like words, lectures, sermons, speeches, meetings, presentations etc. So in verbal communication the sender expresses his/her views in the form of vocal words or verbally.

In organizations, employee communicate verbally with each other in the form of meetings, speech, dialogues, presentations, and discussions. The tone and pitch of the speaker along with the quality of words are very important role players in verbal communication. The speaker need to be loud enough to heard clearly and the text detail of the contents need to be properly elaborate and meaningful. Poorly organized and non-relevant thoughts in general lead to confusions, doubts and misunderstandings between individuals.

In verbal communication, an individual must understand the importance of words and how to put them across.In verbal communication it is the responsibility of the sender to cross check with the receiver that he has understood right information and should not create further any doubt.


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