Another eat a lot of fiber because

Another common way for the doctors to treat Crohn’s disease is to alter there diet/nutrition which can help with symptoms before the medicine gets into their system. There is no one diet for every person because each person is different and is affected differently by the foods. But there are a few universal ways you can change your diet and one of them is to focus on whole foods.

And in doing so it will reduce the chance of the problematic food additives getting into your system. Also, eat a lot of fiber because it will nourish your stomach microbiota. And don’t eat animal-based fats and eat plant-based fats because a lot of animal fats aren’t good for your stomachs health. Then reduce the foods high in refined carbohydrates and sugars because they can promote inflammation.

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Lastly, avoid any and all foods that make your body feel distressed, and trust your body on what to eat and what not to it knows better than you. Those are most of the universal ways to help your body by changing your diet a little bit.


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