Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada, also known as Amarjeet Sada, is the world’s youngest serial killer and one of the world’s creepiest children who belong in a horror movie. This eight-year-old child was a cold-blooded serial killer. At such a young age it was discovered that he’d murdered three children, including his sister. Sada told the local investigators that he took each of the babies to a nearby field, hit them with a stone, and killed them. None of Sada’s victims had yet reached their first birthday. His first two murders were covered up by his parents until the third victim became his baby sister. Eventually, the young serial killer was diagnosed with a conduct disorder, a range of antisocial types of behavior displayed in childhood or adolescence. It is believed that the chemical imbalance can be treated with some medication. Indian law prevented Sada from facing any lifelong legal consequences. In fact, the longest sentence the young serial killer could even face was three years in a juvenile facility.