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Alara HarrellProfessor Wilcox ENG-99February 27, 2018In The Things They Carried. Tim O’ Brien Suffers From PTSDIn the Novel Tim O’ Brien’s, The Things They Carried is about men in the middle of the Vietnam War trying to survive. The men carried various things feeding from the physical items of war to the emotional and mental weight that comes with the horrors of war. The men carried all they could bear, and then some, including a silent awe for the terrible power of the things they carried.”(O’Brien, 7)In this particular Novel, I believe that O’Brien gives plenty symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

(PTSD) The stories, “Speaking of Courage”, “The Man I Killed”, “How to Tell a True War Story”, Enemies”, and “Friends”, “Stockings”, and “The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” are all various examples of PTSD. Some of the characters in his novel are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as well.Tim involves some of his readers with some of the characters in his novel. Jimmy Cross would always find himself daydreaming about a woman named Martha back home trying to escape the cruel and depressing experiences of war. There’s this thing called “escapism”. “Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from hostile realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

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” (Dictionary) Jimmy Cross uses escapism throughout the story. For example, Ted Lavender’s death would be a good example of escapism. Jimmy Cross was too busy daydreaming to be alert for the incident. That’s a common symptom of people in the begging stages of PTSD


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