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After I graduate, I will would like to be remembered as an ambassador of the course; not only will I be a role-model female entrepreneur, but also a person with a unique blend of experiences who will be able to encourage, help, and inspire others. Fascinated by the usage of data as a currency of our own digital footprints and growing e-commerce industry, I co-founded a data driven bootstrap startup BloomsVilla that incorporates technology and innovation.

Through my concrete experience and understanding of business analytics I learned from running my company, I will be able to supplement case studies and evidence-based discussions in applied analytics and marketing analytics classes. I can share the real-world business problems that I encountered and how I addressed them, providing other students valuable insights about innovating new processes through experimentation and decision making. Also, as part of my business experience, I have worked with international clients. Thus, I understand the sensitivity of effective communication skills in diverse workplaces. I can help our diverse class to cultivate healthy environments of partnership and overcome communication challenges.

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High ethical values, principals and eagerness to learn are few characteristic that I would love to be remembered apart from academic and classroom contributions.


I'm Ella

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