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After assessing my learning weaknesses from my Swot, I have realised that many of them need to be addressed to ensure that I utilise my study and learning time in an efficient, effective way. After completing the study materials for this Module (watching the videos for direction, studying alone and finding a way that works for you personally), I have researched further, in order to find a strategy that would be practical, realistic and would work for me.

I have created a study folder with a monthly calendar plan detailing assignments, deadlines, personal appointments and plans. To break each day down by timings, I have a daily schedule; this has more detail for the day ahead. A study diary which I will keep with me will be a reminder for upcoming events/assignments and will be available to write down anything that may crop up at the last minute. Other tools I have found helpful are the Important and Urgent Matrix, to plan the main factors in for the week ahead for my personal and learning priorities. Another tool is the mind map; this has helped me to understand the questions for each assignment, by breaking each part down to then add points to support my writing.

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These tools play to my strengths of ‘adaptable to change’, ‘flexible and open minded’, as well as supporting my weaknesses of ‘fails to prepare before diving in’ and ‘doesn’t enjoy theory, jumps straight to practical’.


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