Acidic ?1 m-1) as adding ZnONPs to PUF

Acidic and basic sites on [email protected] were determined by Boehm titration method (Boehm, 1994). Acid sites were neutralized by 0.1 M NaOH, while basic sites were neutralized by 0.1 M HCl. The results clear that [email protected] contains 0.

87 and 0.47 mmol/g of acidic and basic sites, so acidic character was mainly controlled in the surface which make it better sorption for cationic dyes (Br.G, To.

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B) and azo dyes (Tr.B).The value of DC electrical conductivity (?DC) for ZnONPs is 5.8×10-6 ?1 m-1, but for [email protected] (7.1×10-8 ?1 m-1) which is greater than SVT-PUF (1.

23×10-8 ?1 m-1) as adding ZnONPs to PUF change electric properties. The conductivity affected by the movement of free charge or increasing number of charge carriers 24, thus, the ZnONPs increased polar domain and that raise conductivity.


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