According many bad foods but I am not

According to my three day diet analysis it seems like my eating habits are poor. Not necessarily that I am consuming too many bad foods but I am not getting the all around nutrients that I need on a daily basis. We all need to analyze what we are eating and how to control the intake of food and meals. Such diet analysis is a way to track the entire food I eat for a three days and analyzes the foods eaten to determine the overall nutritional value of my dietary intake.

It also helps to determine my diet’s “weak spots” and “strong spots”. Diet analysis allows me to modify my diet in healthier way. So, it leads me toward healthier lifestyle.

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StrengthsDiet analysis was a learning experience on it’s own and helped me to think more about the food I was eating. In fact, I am full time student and I do not have much time to cook fresh meal at home. So, I am not expecting good nutrition from my food. However, I still have some strengths in my diet.

I was pleased to learn that I met my nutritional requirements for energy, fluid, fibre and the majority of vitamins and minerals. This didn’t surprise me too much. As a person who cares about food I eat, I see food positively! Food to me is a wonderful and often unique combination of vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein, fat and fibre that my body needs to function. My recommended 2965 kcal and I was consuming 1909.1 kcal only 64%.

Protein – My goal was 43.91 gm with my actual intake being 59.99 gm which was above my goal. Vitamins and Minerals – My diet is lacking somewhere in those two.

After three weeks my calcium was 148% and my iron was only 37% where the vitamin A was around 186% and vitamin C was 176%. This is based on an intake of 1909.1 calories per day.What we put in our body affects us tremendously because the body relies on food sources to gain nutrients it cannot make itself. An imbalanced diet, excessive or deficient in any nutrients, can put a person at risk for health problems.I believed I was eating fairly healthy, that was until I Began to look at what my body needs daily.

I noticed that the diets of each day were similar in types of food, but my diet analysis before learning about nutrition showed that I was eating more food in general but was taking in fewer calories. I thought this was interesting even though it was not a huge difference.


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