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According to Mariam Webster dictionary a norm is a principle of right action binding upon the members of a group and serving to guide, control, or regulate proper and acceptable behavior.

The Family is responsible for providing ‘primary socialization’ which is teaching the basic norms and values of our society. Parsons believed the nuclear family was the best type of family for providing a stable upbringing for children, and the best type of family to provide moral guidance (the difference between right and wrong. Furthermore, later on in life, education integrates individuals into wider society providing individuals with a sense of belonging and identity to the wider society.

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(Press 2017) It is a norm to say good morning to everyone your passing on the road and who you wake up to within your household in my family and not doing so is considered disrespect. Over the course of two days I broke the norm of saying good morning to my family within my household and people in my community. On the first day of the experiment I woke up and went into the kitchen and just pass my mother without saying anything to her, she then said “hello young lady mi nuh teach you better than that? Fava yah fresh yuh self-bout yuh nah sey morning.” When I passed the people in my community without saying morning one man’s response to another lady whom I passed without saying good morning was ” suh them young people yah stay nowadays no manners or respect once them start grow breast”. These comments made me feel uncomfortable reason being the comments that were made especially from my mother which hurt my feelings a bit.

Fast forward to the second day of the experiment I told everyone it was experiment for an assignment because this simple thing of not saying good morning turned out to be something huge for those affected and everyone started to get upset with me as they felt disrespected.At first I did not see the purpose of the assignment until I read on the functionalism theory by Durkheim where functionalist sociologists believe that the family plays a part of teaching values and norms and people within the same geographical location must have the same norms and values taught by their family for social order to be achieved, however it could be argued that it fails to do this as a result of increasing secularization in recent years and therefore it creates a divide between members of society rather than binding them together which could be seen in the experiment where one person said that people nowadays doesn’t have any manners or respect because we are turning away from the norms and values taught by our family due to outside influences of this decade such as media. Furthermore, the changes in norms can result in conflict.


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