According to Arda Ar

According to Arda Ar?kan , James Clarance Mangan was neglected by his father. His works included love disappointments and frustrations. As Arda Ar?kan pointed out, James Clarance Mangan translated and focused on Divan poems. Mangan simply uses orientalism as a vehicle for the indulgence of his surreal humour and technical skill. The critical writings have been selected chiefly to illustrate some of Mangan’s opinions on subjects like translation, oriental literature and contemporary authors. Arda Ar?kan read some of his poems and gave brief informations about them. Their names were : To Mailuka, To Amine, On Seeing Her About To Veil Her Mirror, To Zeneebah, To Amine Dead, To Amine (Lamii), To Zelica..
If I need to deduce from the presentation , Mangan is an sophisticated poet because even if he is a poet he thought that ”Poets never fall in love” he also thought that women are cruel and they don’t deserve the true love. First Arda Hoca gave some brief information about poet’s biography. It is clear that Mangan read ”The Arabian Nights and Sale’s Koran”. His poems are overburdened with Arabic and Persian names and allusions. He was really curious about Diwan poetry. His works are a challenge to humanism. In the last part of the representation Arda Ar?kan gave some main information about Mangan’s poems for example general features of Middle Eastern Women in Mangan’s poems. It is clear that he used many themes about body for example hair, eyes, fair skin. To sum up Mangan was a man who sees the women as the sovereign and cruel.