According Cu or Copper. According to (2013),

According to a research by Magat, Pabustan and Raquepo (2009), the quantities of the macronutrients in malunggay (moringa oleifera) leaves weighing 10 kg are as followed; 2.5 N or Nitrogen, 1.

2 Ca or Calcium, 0.6 K or Potassium, 3.0 S or Sulfur, 1.9 Mg or Magnesium, 1.7 P or Phosphorus, 0.3 Cl or Chlorine and 0.

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9 Na or Sodium. While the quantities of the micronutrients found in malunggay leaves weighing 10 kg are as followed; 2.3 Fe or Iron, 3.

0 B or Boron, 3.4 Mn or Manganese, 2.1 Zn or Zinc and 1.4 Cu or Copper.

According to (2013), the Malunggay ( moringa oleifera) tree is one of the most nutritious trees in the whole world. The M.

Oleifera can supply almost all of the nutritional needs of a human being. It provides cures to many illnesses such as but not limited to diabetes and heart problems. The tree is packed with many nutrients that it is used to combat malnutrition in third world countries.


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