AbstractMotivation the end how to improve the way

AbstractMotivation is a very important managerial topic that any manager should be aware of to improve his employees’ performance.

This study tests the different motivators in telecommunication sector comparing those factors that motivates employees in one public sector company as compared to a private company. There are shared motivators in both companies (i.e. wages, promotions) but in different ways. On the other hand, there are motivators that can have an impact on one of them more than the other. The researchers suggest at the end how to improve the way companies deal with motivators in order to enjoy the positive impact of it on the employees’ performance.

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Introduction Motivating employees helps them perform better their tasks; that is reflected in better achievement of the organizational strategic objectives.”Employees need to perceive that their organization values them by providing suitable work conditions that allow them to progress, both personally and professionally, and also, they need to feel satisfied and have a sense of well-being with the activities performed.” (Martín , N., (2009))The employees’ level of motivation varies from one employee to another, it depends upon what he/ she needs in this stage of career. A successful manager should know and recognize what motivates each employee in his department.

Employees’ motivation” is one of the important factors that would lead to performance effectiveness and organizational improvement. It has to do with the employees’ desire to participate in the working process and also to their attitude to work within the company’s environment.motivation is considered to be anything done to make employees happy, satisfied, dedicated and committed in such a way that they bring out their best in their places of work so that companies and society will greatly benefit from their services.Employees’ motivation is determined by a long list of variables, such as the existence of the enabling environment and the equipment that help them to carry out their roles.

However, at a basic level, employees’ motivation is linked to how they feel they are being treated and to the way they perceive their own working and living conditions.?Problem identification It has been noticed that the motivational level in Telecom Egypt (as compared to that of Orange) is not as expected and the factors that can motivate public sector’s employees differ from those of private sector. Telecom Egypt management is not using efficiently its motivators: (incentive reward) and evaluation (performance appraisal) to increase its employees’ job satisfaction and productivity which are critical in achieving organizational strategic objectives. Top management in Telecom Egypt applied recently a new method of financial benefits according to employees’ degree of productivity in order to motivate employees to do more efforts to achieve the organizational objectives. However, the middle management applied this method in an unfair way as they were supposed to measure the productivity using the KPIs of each job but they did not. Instead, they distributed it giving everyone this financial advantage, and thus, it lost its meaning as it became a right regardless of their productivity.

Thus, the researchers try to investigate how to implement it in a positive way. ?objectives• To determine to what extent public organizations provide their employees with extrinsic and intrinsic incentives to increase their productivity.• To determine what type of motivation has a positive impact on organizations’ performance.• To determine employees’ point of view concerning the motivators that top management should use in order to increase performance.

?Research questionsThe Egyptian public sector can be divided into two major parts: firstly, the core public sector (ministries, army, police etc.) and secondly, the extended public sector, which consist of legal entities (organizations and corporations) where the government is the major or absolute shareholder. The paper is focused on the latter sub segment and survey the relationship between the motivations offered to employees and performance in one governmental-owned organization under the current privatization era (telecom Egypt) as compared to the private sector motivators (Orange).?


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