AbstractAt of the largest companies in the

AbstractAt ConocoPhillips the company placed a great deal of importance on knowledge management and has had amazing growth in the area of creating a work place in which employees deliver value through collaboration and sharing of information. ConocoPhillips is one of the largest companies in the world and ranked 6th in the U.S. ConocoPhillips two major types of knowledge management practice are applications of information and communications technology to the management of explicit knowledge and the use of person-to-person knowledge management techniques to enable the transfer of tacit knowledge. ConocoPhillips vision is to connect employees around the world and secure the company’s future. With the implementation of knowledge management and the Enterprise 2.

0 software the company has achieve new levels of employee productivity, business value and profits. ConocoPhillips – The Competitive AdvantageConocoPhillips is the 3rd largest energy company in the United States based out of Houston Texas. With about 30,000 employees located in 30 countries around the world they realized that they had to develop a program on how they can share information quickly and effectively to everyone. Their vision was to become “A work place where employees continuously deliver additional value through global collaboration and expertise sharing” With about 10,000 employees participating in the “Networks of Excellent” a culture of knowledge sharing has grown that employees take responsibility for sharing knowledge to their coworkers around the world. O’Dell, Carla & Hubert, Cindy (2011)Why They Needed A Knowledge Management ProgramConocoPhillips realized that they needed a way to share knowledge and manage it so that expertise, success and failures could be tracked and saved for review later. They knew that with downsizing, layoffs, corporate restructuring and change in leadership that knowledge would be lost, and employees would not benefit from the information of the employees who left had and not shared. Some of the business knowledge and subject matter experts leaving the organization, it was important to future success of ConocoPhillips that the knowledge and experience be well documented and available for all to access and learn from.

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This was a must to continue to be a successful and profitable company. With acquisitions and mergers management knew that there was a need for knowledge management/sharing in the organization. With thousands of employees scattered all over the world the challenge of sharing knowledge was huge and they needed rapidly harness all the knowledge within the entire organization.

Management knew and understood that not only technology, but human knowledge was important and key to the success of ConocoPhillips. With the implementation of FAST (Find, Ask, Share and Trust) model, ConocoPhillips realized that a big portion of their organization was at retirement age or close to it and couldn’t jeopardize losing the knowledge these individuals possessed.Advancements in ConocoPhillips Knowledge Management In 2013 a Talent Management ; Learning was created and focused on leadership, professional development, technical learning, talent management and use of the new learning center.

ConocoPhillips instituted a comprehensive training program designed for consistency and employee excellence. Work assignments and projects are geared for the overall business goals and to build a foundation for career development. New employees state they choose ConocoPhillips because of there training programs and how they feel they are a valuable member to the organization. Programs such as their Summit Program is designed immerse employees in all aspects of the organization and learning and living the “The ConocoPhillips Way”. The “The ConocoPhillips Way” of leading major capital projects around the globe.

The training equips employees with the knowledge, tools and processes necessary to begin contributing as a member of a project team. Employees contribute by engaging in a 12-month training program followed by a 9 mnth assignment on the capital project team. New employees are also exposed to the new hire curriculum on finance in the Finance Excellence Program that last about 1 year. This program helps employees understand who ConocoPhillips is, what they do and how they create value for the shareholders.

Additional programs available is the Energy 360 that designed to give hands on learning and mentoring for the company’s IT programs. ConocoPhillips also created a knowledge sharing team names KM core group that had 6 employees and they were responsible for maintaining networks, manage training, metrics and portal sites. They address goals and resources across the organization.

The knowledge sharing leadership team at ConocoPhillips. This organization searched out individuals that were passionate about knowledge sharing and were willing to be in a leadership role. They would develop strategies for knowledge sharing across the organization. ConocoPhillips also created Wiki that are widely used by staff all over the world and updated regularly with new and important information. Another way that ConocoPhillips retains knowledge from retiring employees is that they pair individuals so that learning and capturing of knowledge can be done at the same time. They also offer retiring employees to come back at part time employees so that they help identify the gaps in knowledge but also create the necessary ways of getting the knowledge shared and stored for later accessibility.

How the Advancements Positively Impacted ConocoPhillipsOne advancement that come from the knowledge sharing initiative at ConocoPhillips is the ideas of Accountability + Performance is the Essence of ConocoPhillips brand which supports the company’s goals. Which the change of culture ; behaviors, and accountability ; Performance they are changing the way the do business and are doing business better. In 2015 they created COST (ConocoPhillips Optimization for Sustainable Transformation) project which identified philosophical, cultural behaviors and organizational changes to improve the brand more and reduce costs. Due to the success of this project it was renamed Doing Business Better. This philosophy lowered operating costs and changed behaviors in the business. Another positive impact at ConocoPhillips was the Global Support Staff Network that focused on career and professional development, leadership and community involvement. “Our members will likely be interested in developing new skills, exploring opportunities in other areas of the company, sharing knowledge and expanding career opportunities, (Chad Clayton, Finance Associate at ConocoPhillips).

Conclusion ConocoPhillips went through a period of acquisitions and mergers that made them one of the largest company is in the United Stated but an unintended outcome of this was the large number of employees at retirement age or coming up to retirement age. With the potential loss of knowledge, they started knowledge management project that would change the course of the business and set them apart from their competitions. Recognized as one of the most talked about knowledge management, knowledge sharing companies they are a model that other companies follow and use as an example. In 2009 they were named North Americas Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise.

By empowering employees, they have become “a workplace where employees continuously deliver additional value through global collaborations and expertise sharing”. With their knowledge sharing project FAST, COST, Doing Business Better and Global Support Staff Network they have been able to share and retain knowledge within the organization. With employee collaboration, capturing of information and the sharing of knowledge, ConocoPhillips was able to meet its goals, objectives and performance metrics. In addition to their knowledge management & sharing initiative and ConocoPhillips robust training programs has separated themselves from their competition.


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