A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS -KHALED HOSSEINI I have chosen this book to read because I had greatly inspired by Khaled Hosseini’s marvelous work “AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED”

I have chosen this book to read because I had greatly inspired by Khaled Hosseini’s marvelous work “AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED” .When I started reading that book I can’t even leave the book aside. In such a way the author lead the story. His narrating style made me to surf more about his work and that’s the reason why I chose this book.

“A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS” is a wonderful novel published in the year 2007 which precedes the publications of the former novel. He grabbed the idea of this novel from his first work “THE KITE RUNNER” and in this novel he described the bond between a father and his son. So he thought of writing a novel based on women and he came out with ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’.
Mariam – protagonist of the novel
Nana and Jalil – parents of MariamRasheed – husband of Mariam and Laila
Laila – daughter of Rasheed’s neighbor
Tariq – Laila’s lover
Aziza – girl born to Laila and Tariq
Zamai – boy born to Laila and RasheedMullah Faizullah – Mariam’s tutorSTORY LINE:
The plot opens with the life of a young girl named Mariam who is fond of her father. But her mother Nana was not legally married to Jalil, so that he will comes only once in a week to spend his time with Mariam and Nana. Mariam enjoys the time with her father Jalil and she will long for that one day of enjoyment for the rest of the days. Her admiration to spend the entire life with her dad just ruined her life and anticipated Nana to stop her own life as Mariam left her for whom she wanted to live. The entire plot turned upside down and she was married to a widower Rasheed who was far more elder than her by her father. When everything went right, the unexpected abortion just reciprocated her life. And after a great disaster in their place Rasheed rescued Laila and brought her home. Later he made proposal to Laila to marry. Laila also accepted the proposal as she want to survive for Tariq’s baby which is in her belly. And the rest of the story tells the bond between Mariam and Laila and also tells whether Laila meets Tariq. Finally the decision made by Mariam turns the entire scenario which proves that she is the protagonist .UNIQUENESS:
The greatest uniqueness of this novel is the author’s trying of hands making women as a protagonist and enhances her courage from a society which dumps her. And also the novelist tried to show the consequences of the war and the difficulties the people undergoes in order to overcome their miseries. The character sketch plays a vital role in deepens the novelty of the plot. And the way he describes the beauty of Kabul and Afganisthan just overwhelms the readers. And the uniqueness of the novel ends up incomplete without mentioning the narrative style of the novelist. He just drove the readers into his world by his exceptional way of writing.

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It is tedious to decide the favourite character because each character leads the plot in their own way which is essential for a novel. But at the first half of the novel Laila was close to my heart because her character was narrated in such a way how a middle class girl leads her life. Her expectation for life and her love towards Tariq just moved the novel to a great extreme. And then even after her marriage with Rasheed she felt guilty for grabbing Mariam’s life. And she also tries to make a friendly relationship with Mariam. But after the first half of the plot, the story really attained a next level by Mariam. She started showing her pity for Laila and she started treating Laila as her daughter. And towards the climax she took a great responsibility for the betterment of Laila’s life. And there I started admiring her.

The novel just elicits the life of an Afgan woman and her courage to face her monotonous struggle that prevailed in her life.

Thus in “A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS” Hosseini just holds the heart beat of the reader through his words. And his usage of words in this novel enriches the reader’s intellectual. The best part of this novel is that it has an happy ending which is expected by the readers. And I loved this novel from page to page.