A blades. The entire Vitamix 5200 blender

A TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF A VITAMIX 5200 BLENDER A blender is a kitchen tool used to mix, liquefy, and make ice, fruits, and vegetables in its simplest form by breaking them into smaller pieces. It is in our kitchen to enable us to crush ice, soup, sauce and to make drinks. The blender has several components: a lid, a jar, a base, a handle and 4 set of blades. The entire Vitamix 5200 blender measures 20 1/8 inches long.

The above figure displays a person using the blender.Description of blender partsBlender lidThe lid is circular shaped composed of rubber with a hole in the center of the lid. The lid has a flexible plastic cover which when use can either close or open the hole in the center of the lid. This flexible plastic cover enables the entry or exit of any substance in the blender without taking off the lid. The lid color is black.Jar The jar is made up of solid transparent plastic.

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Its empty space in the middle enable it to receive all the substances to be crushed, chopped, and blended. The jar is able hold up to 64 ounces. The jar is covered by the black lid at the top and it is fixed to the jar base at the bottom. The jar bottom has in its center blades which are star like in appearance held together as a unit when the blades are turning.

BladesThe blades are made up of stainless steel located at the bottom end of the jar. These stainless-steel blades are made up of a set of 4 which are sharp and strong to enable to chop, crush and puree food stuffs. Each of this blade measures 1 ¼ inch long that rotates in a clockwise direction. It also has a connecting part at the outer bottom part of the jar which permits to be connected to the base. The blades are attached to a white leak proof rubber which prevents the leakage of fluids or particles.BaseThe external feature of the base is made up of a black and red color plastic.

In the interior section of the base is located the motor unit of the blender. The base is squared shape measuring 7 ½ inches wide and 9 inches deep and weighs approximately 11 pounds. It provides the blender with the essential power to activate the blades to do the cutting, chopping, and blending. Also, on the base there are buttons such as power on and off, pulse button control and time setting control just to name a few. The base holds the jar in place. The figure 2 below shows the visual of the described base.

HandleIt is a solid black handle and made up of plastic which makes it easy for us to carry and use the blender. Figure 1 shows the blender and its partsSummaryThe Vitamix blender features makes it easy to crush ice, make smoothie, puree fruits and vegetables. This highly sophisticated machine is a tool to get for all homes.Referencewww.blenderdude.com


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