A padlet is a digital pinboard that lets you express your thoughts on a common topic easily

A padlet is a digital pinboard that lets you express your thoughts on a common topic easily. The essence of the padlet is to provide a place where people can work on a project in a fun easy and interactive way. The padlet can be used by signing up on their website (www.padlet.com) and moreover, there are separate versions for Android & Apple IOS for mobile/tablets to get started.
Once signed up and logged in the application/website, you click on the create icon to add a link to add an image from online or upload a photo of your own or any sort of notes related to the topic. In addition, you’ll see a tool bar which provides additional options to customize your padlet’s titles, layout, description and privacy settings. For every padlet created, there’s a link available for it which you can share with others so you can work together. The best part is that the work or padlets created by different students can be joined together with shapes and arrows, which will then ultimately look like a flowchart.

A modern teacher should use or I would use padlet as a common technological tool because it allows students interaction with their class fellows and teachers through discussion, feedback, collaboration, and online participation. With padlet, you can also compose pictures, links, and embed videos on the wall to express their knowledge or thoughts on a topic of discussion. Padlet encourages active participation and allows students to post multimedia or feedback almost immediately. It really works like a virtual classroom where students can work in school and at home as well. Padlet above all, helps to promote creativity ; innovation, communication ; collaboration, research ; information fluency and digital citizenship.

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