A service user if we come across any

A National Framework of Standards for good practice and outcomes in adults’ protection work.

standard11 includes service users as key partners in all aspects of work that involves them. In my place of work we support the participation of our service user in a review of system and procedure by first developing and review of the individual care plans this is done by working alongside the care plan that was supplied by social service prior to their admission. This allowed us to find out their personal need, interests and dietary likes and dislikes.

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We review care plan by meeting with the service user if we come across any changes to their care needs so we can amend it with their permission. Another ways to ensure participation from service users is through resident meeting which take place once a month this meeting give service user the chance to highlight any concerns and to lay their point of views across.Other ways to gain participation from our service users is through surveys. This allowed us to gain information and feedback from service users about how they feel living at the home, if they are happy, feeling safe


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