A barangay. As I’ve previously stated, they

A barangay is an area or a unit of administration in the Philippines same in the likes of a town hall. It is considered as the smallest and the lowest level of a political subdivision in the country. A community or barangay council’s duties and responsibilities is not that far or different from the duties of a senate or the municipal heads; the magnitude of it is just smaller than those of the higher officials of a country. It is also just as important as other government titles because they only have one thing to do and it is to serve the people.

Barangay concils are delegated to function as the statutory workforce of the barangay. As I’ve previously stated, they function in a similar manner as their counterparts in congress and the senate as barangay councils and are expected to create and sponsor barangay resolutions and decrees. For this reason, basic knowledge of the law is somehow required and is also expected of each barangay council in order for them to perform their delegated duties and responsibilities

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