6. Design calculations are performed based on the specifications given for the heat exchanger
7. Heat transfer coefficient for steam is assumed to be 8000 W/m2*C
8. Counter-current flow is assumed
9. Condensing steam is in the shell side due to changing in the volume requirement
10. No leakage is incorporated
Here are the steps for rating of Heat Exchanger
1. Compute Energy balance
2. Select heating medium (Given)
3. Compute utility flowrate
4. Compute physical properties
5. Allocate fluids side
6. Decide the exchanger type
7. Determine LMTD
8. Select value of overall coefficient, U
9. Estimate the tentative area requirement
10. Estimate the actual area (based on given geometry)
11. Calculate the shell and tube side heat transfer coefficient
12. Calculate the overall coefficient
13. Calculate heat transfer rate