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Obesity is said to be a HUGE problem in America. In reality about 64 percent of the adults living in America are considered to be obese or overweight. In the last 20 years obesity has drastically increased among Americans, almost as if it is a new fashion trend. So why aren’t more Americans hopping onto this amazing trend. Why aren’t more Americans becoming overweight.

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What is so wrong with getting diabetes, insulin pumps are pretty cool. Having a heart attack every once in a while, is a great way to live on the edge. And who wouldn’t want all the extra body weight to keep them warm when it is cold. Now who does not get happy when eating food? Oh, now that’s what I thought. Now think about eating all time like instead of eating the normal 3 times a day you are eating 6 times a day, that’s 2 times the happiness you would be getting just by becoming overweight. Living large is definitely the way to go.

Who would not want to walk around with insulin pumps, be a little scared of having a stroke, never having to worry about bringing a jacket or never having to worry about being happy because all your happiness comes from food. That’s the kind of life all Americans should want to have. So, who cares if you are obese or a little bit overweight, we are here for a good time not a long time!Can You Please Just Hush!As you may know obesity is a well-known problem all throughout the world. Considering that every 1 to 3 people are said to be obese. Many people say there are “cures” to help solve the obesity problem like, exercising, proper dieting, certain pill, or even expensive surgeries. None of those so called cures are more effective then sewing the mouth shut of an obese person is.

Sewing the mouths of all obese people is the only way to successfully cure all obesity worldwide. With their mouths sewed shut you would not hear them complain about not being able to eat those large fries or 3 apple pies and a slice of triple chocolate cake for dessert. Of course we would not let them starve , so they will be feed from a tube in their arm.

Soon all the obese people will start to shed all their excess fat that they did not need to begin with. Obese people will cease to exist with this method going for them.The world will be filled with nothing but “skinny” people. After they reach a normal weight their mouths will be unsewn. But if they go back and start to eat poorly causing them to become overweight again they will have to get their mouths sewn shut again or face death, either one is fine.

This cure is for everyone.


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