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Personal Development is a process that requires a state of self-awareness. Looking back on my past experience I did not set any long-term goals. My lack of experience due to my youth age, was one of the reasons that my objectives where short terms and ineffective. At this point of my life being older, more mature, I have gained a clear view, regarding the question where do I see myself in the future, in a period of 5 years. My goal for the upcoming years is to pursuit a career in the mechanical engineering industry, to achieve that goal I need a degree in the engineering section. Now that my main objective is set, the following steps for me is to establish a plan, that will help me achieve my goal. The upcoming steps for me now as part of the plan, is to identify any weaknesses and strengths that will affect my results into obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering. As part of my weaknesses I would say that my absence from the educational institutions its going to provide a bit of a challenge, since my graduation period took place some years ago. Another issue that could present a problem, is being unfamiliar with some technical terms regarding the English language, since its not my native language and it may take some time to adjust properly. This was one the issues that I discussed In the meeting with my personal tutor, seeking also his guidance in which way to complete this assignment properly. Regarding my strong point, I can say that determination is one of the key factors of my personality, which helps me obtain greater results in my objectives. Another element that poses a positive impact is my background, possessing a prior experience in the technical domain of the industry, it aids me to understand more efficiently how certain mechanical systems operate. Attaining good grades it is going to provide me with the correct tools to obtain my degree in engineering and in long terms will contribute into achieving a successful career in the industry of engineering. Additional to the studies the extracurricular activities it will provide beneficial support in the pursuit of a stable and progressive career in the future. The University has a variety of activities that are not affiliated solely with the schedule of studies, such as volunteering programmes, employability sessions from different companies and all sorts of other activities that can help boosting your portfolio for your future employment. Unfortunately at the present state my time has proven to be limited, due to the commuting process and the demands of my daily job. Hopefully my following years in the university will be more productive, I will be more familiar with the procedure of my studies and that will provide me with sufficient time to participate in some of the activities which in turn will help me built a good communicational network for my future employability.

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